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Luhanka Church

Mämminniementie, 19950 Luhanka

The Church of Luhanka is one the largest wood-constructed churches in Finland. Designed by Josef Stenbäck, the church was first elected for use in 1893, and provides seating for up to 2000 attendants. The most unique feature of the church is its lack of electricity: Performances are enchanted by romantic candle illumination and natural light. The acoustics are heralded as among the best. The church resides in the cneter of the town of Luhanka, 45 kilometers north of Sysmä.

Sysmä Church

Kirkkokuja 1, 19700 Sysmä

The first known record of Sysmä’s churches hails from 1398. Initial mentions of the current stone and mortar church is mentioned in King Kristofner’s letter in 1442, when Sysmä rose to prominence as the spiritual center of eastern Häme region. The exact construction date has not been determined, but it is regarded as one of the oldest churches in Finland. Medieval and gothic, the church is constructed from Greystone and charred brick and has undergone numerous renovations during its 550 years of history, under the auspices of schisms and time itself. The greatest alteration was completed in 1833, when the church was converted, according to C.L Engel’s schematics, into a cruciform shape. Located immediately outside the Sysmä center.


Teatteritalo ​

Väihkyläntie 1, 19700 Sysmä

Sysmä Theaterhouse was originally The Sysmän Säästöpankki bank.  This bank was established  in 1880, but this building wasn´t built until 1898.  It was designed by architects Nyström-Penttilä-Petrelius in Helsinki.  This beautiful building represents the national romantic style.  It has a very rich past.  Säästöpankki bank operated there until 1936, when the bank´s new locations were opened.

After 1936 there have been many different uses for this building such as for school classes, a furniture company, even the Finnish White Guard took place there etc.  Nowadays it is the home of Sysmä´s movie theatre and also a venue for our local amateur theater. 

VPK (Fire-Brigade) Stage

Koskueentie, 19700 Sysmä

Sysmä’s  volunteer fire brigade owns this traditional dance stage constructed in 1952. It is located on Koskueentie, on the coast of Ylä-Vehkajärvi lake in the beautiful rocky landscape. The stage is widely known and favored by locals of East Häme as a dancing venue. It is an important piece of cultural history for the Eastern Häme   and Sysmä region. Pop and dance music performance has been practiced on the stage for decades.

Krouvi Dance Pavillion

Kalhontie 459, 19630 Kalhonkylä

The Krouvi Dance pavilion is located in a beautiful countryside setting, on the edge of Hartola's largest open field. Dances are arranged every summer Friday, even on Midsummer's Day. Krouvi offers unique barn dance atmosphere with some of the most famous artists in the country. The local special brew, Sahti, is a delicacy one must try in the restaurant side.


Vanha-Olkkolan Kartano

Kalkkistentie 231, 19370 Nuoramoinen

Directions to Krouvi from Lahti and Heinola
Take the E75 freeway towards Jyväskylä. Take the Left exit towards Sysmä/Nuoramoinen (road 410), for 1,9 km. Turn right towards Kalho (Kalhonkyläntie), and proceed for 1,2 km. Take the left turn for Savioja (Saviojantie), and proceed 2,2 km. Turn right towards Kalhontie.


From Sysmä to Krouvi
Drive road 410 towards Heinola for 15 km. Eventually turn left for Kalho (Kalhonkyläntie), and proceed for 1,2 km. Turn left to Savioja (Saviojantie), for 2,2 km. Turn right (Kalhontie).

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